Everything Louder Than Everything Else

by The Contra

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released June 1, 2008

EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE was recorded, mixed, and mastered by chris vita ( at quagmire headquarters and the contra house. it was produced by the contra and chris vita. gang vocals were sung by blake, eric, joey, timothy, bobby , quiz, and doe. additional vocals on nothing inside were performed by bobby serious.



all rights reserved


The Contra Bellingham, Washington

Joey D - Guitar, Vox
Eric - Guitar, Vox
Blake - Vox, Bass
Tim - Drums


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Track Name: Interconnected
fingerprints on the window / smog stains on the door / this nightmarish scenario is industry's old whore / final warning leaflet / an ashtray overthrown / the stress of fifteen centuries culminating in one's soul / JUSTIFIED / INTERCONNECTED / THERE'S NO HOPE FOR ME / COME TO FIND / INTERCONNECTED / JUST CAN'T COPE WITH WHAT YOU SEE / NEW REAL LIFE / INTERCONNECTED / BUILT UPON SHALLOW GROUND / SCREAM AND FIGHT / INTERCONNECTED / TEAR IT FUCKING DOWN / last pay stub from a fortnight / the letter explained it all / brought in new technology / obsolete is what you're called / from a factory in china / to an office in LA / its stocks traded on wall street / it's seen financial gains / CHORUS / the courts ended in deadlock / the politicians were absolved / it's amazing how morality works when there's so much cash involved / the dynas- ties of power / the same US regal class / wallow in the fact that they can make their fortunes last / a drug dealer in Burma / a stock broker in Prague / our monetary system is a fat and bloated hog / a thousand different fuses / one global powder keg / its hard to withstand changes when you're missing both your legs.
Track Name: Freedom 35
removing our rights / picking up fights / no one's safe as you / that's no reason / you breed suspicion / remove tradition / 'till your freedoms are through / it's open season / arrest old ladies cause surely maybe a mush- room cloud could ensue / don't worry about me cause freedoms not safe and I don't care about you / WELL IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO LAY IT DOWN / YOU'RE NOT OUR MOMS BUT A SECURITY CLOWN / DON'T TRY TO BULLY AND PUSH YOUR WAYS / CAUSE TRUE FREEDOM IT RESTS / IN PEACE / SO DON'T FUCK WITH ME / CAUSE I'M JUST FINE / AND DON'T NEED YOUR SAFETY / walk away/ walk away/ get away / get away / what's the choice / in this state of mob control / lost my voice / from shouting at these shallow fools / leave me alone / go fuck yourself/ don't need you worrying about me/ try to understand this is my life.
Track Name: Anthem To Arms
straight from the house of the dying sun / now war's declared and you're the one / this anthem is a call to fight / ready the troops / deploy tonight / aggression / is a word of fear but desperation will draw it near / honor / though weak and frail will persevere to the last exhale / WE CAN’T RETREAT / LET OUR OWN BE HARMED / THIS IS A CALL / AN ANTHEM TO ARMS / baseless threats excreted from / the worm like stature you've become / descend into the bowels of hate / destroy yourself and blame your fate / WE WON’T BE WEAK / OR STUNNED WITH ALARM / THIS IS OUR LIVES / OUR ANTHEM TO ARMS.
Track Name: Nothing Inside
you shoot down the dreams of the one's you know / your will to survive won't let go / the pain in your heart is the pain that you spread / its cruel to admit / i wish you dead / A LET DOWN / A PUT DOWN / THE THINGS THAT YOU SAY / YOU'RE NOTHING INSIDE / YOU DISH OUT THE INSULTS BUT YOU TAKE NONE AWAY / GO RUN AND HIDE / there will be no one left when it comes to the end / you lit all the bridges / burned your friends / you wear a disguise made of hatred and fear / you can't see the truth when you look in the mirror / THE LOATHING / THE ANGER IS GRAFTED TO YOUR SOUL / YOUR NOTHING INSIDE / THE PAIN THAT I SEE IS THE ONE THAT YOU KNOW / GO RUN AND HIDE / the filth / the hate / the misery and the mind breaks / for love / contempt / jealousy / emotions i resent / destroy / their lives / family / no hope of reprise / the filth / the hate / the misery / a smile breaks across your face / for love / contempt / happiness / jealousy / the emotion you try to erase / CHORUS.
Track Name: Third World Country
no need to adjust the station / we're part of the westernized nations / come here to protect and sell / our interests / your oil wells / we'll start a fight pit side against side / make a stink when too many have died / the UN forces will assume control / no doubt plunder will be plentiful / THIRD WORLD COUNTRY / THIRD WORLD COUN- TRY / IT'S OK TO STEAL FROM THE HUNGRY / THIRD WORLD COUNTRY / THIRD WORLD COUNTRY / SET UP SHOP WITH CLONED PROSPERITY / THIRD WORLD COUNTRY / THIRD WORLD COUNTRY / GLOBAL DOMINATION FOUNDRY / THIRD WORLD COUNTRY / THIRD WORLD COUNTRY / swoop down on the pregnant hare / sack it all 'till the land is bare / no relief no end in sight / western culture is the one that's right / CHORUS / Our culture, is thriving whilst the billions are striving! / Your blind protests ring untrue when I see the mass consumer in you / feast upon the feudal sweat but your privileged life you won't admit to yet/ why even bother trying to save the ones that you've turned into slaves / when I see you cry, it makes me laugh, your self righteous and self loathing act.
Track Name: Rights And Wrongs
Don't speak / don't try / don't look into the devil’s eyes / just turn your head and look away / tuck your tail / live another day / rules suffice / rules for life / slit your rulers neck with a rusty knife / it's a situation of you or them / just one against the whole of man / RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT / DO THE DANCE ON THE MORAL GROUND / RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT / DESTROY YOUR WORLD WITH THE STRENGTH OF SOUND / RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT WRONG / CONSEQUENCES SAY SO LONG / RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT WRONG / MY PACIFISM IS LONG GONE / no one to fight / fight for the truth/ your indiscretions have robbed you youth / your angst has become a benign lump / Idealized wasteland / rhetorical dump / you've codefied / your pc speech / offend nobody / don't overreach / assimilated / your passions gone / I'd rather die than sing your song / don't splash / just sink / don't drown yourself in the devils drink / don't use a single name in vain / we'll steal your soul and make you sane / no emotion / no regret / no sex / no booze / no love / don't fret / assimilation read the new marquee / they're closed for good now come join me / RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT WRONG / SENSOR CONTENT OF THIS SONG / RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT WRONG / EMBRACING WEAKNESS WILL MAKE YOU STRONG / RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT / STILL ATTACK YOU EVERYNIGHT / RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT / UNTIL I'M DEAD I WON'T GIVE UP THIS FIGHT / faith / in our own minds / for all our freedoms / we’ll always strive.